Welcome to the home of Award Winning, Austin, TX Film Composer, Steve Gomez


Q: What instruments do you play?

A: Keyboard, Guitar and Percussion.  I dabbled in violin, South American flutes and a drum kit but didn't stick with them.

Q: What software do you use?

A: Digital Performer.  While you can use any DAW for film scoring, DP offers the most tools for film scores in my opinion.

Q: Who are your favorite composers or influences?

A: Basil Poledouris, Alan Silvestri, Jerry Goldmsith, James Horner, James Newton Howard, Howard Shore, John Williams, Steve Jablonsky, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Don Davis, John Barry, Henry Jackman, Bernard Hermann, Miklos Rosza, Michael Giacchino. 

Q: What are your favorite film scores?

A:  #1 Legends of the Fall, Dances With Wolves, Out of Africa, Lonesome Dove....all the romantic stuff.  I love scores like The Dark Knight, Oblivion, Tron Legacy, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Star Wars, Star Trek.  One score I think is underated and not as well know, which you don't find on music stores is "Krull" by James Horner. No one remembers that filme but the score is cool. Really sweet melodies and pretty frickin awesoml.  Resmbles James Horner's Star Trek Two Wrath of khan in someways.  Ricardo Moltaban is still the best Khan ever.  I also love Celtic Stuff like Brave Heart.  I probably should have been born in a different time.  I love the new Solo A Star Wars Story soundtrack.  So well comoposed. I love the track "Flying with Chewie" particularly the rhythmic part at the end.  NIce change up for a Star Wars film.  I saw Black Panter a while back.  Let me say one thing.  Film Score Focus host in Austin, TX Brian Satterwhite has a great YouTube video on how Marvel movies fim scores really lack good memorable theme.  I agree.  He starts the video with asking people to hum well known themes to well know movies.  Then when people get to the Marvel films, people are like uhhhhh?  I love a good theme. If you can hum it, it's a good theme.  Good movies, just bad themes.  Although I did like Thor Ragnarok I must add. Great electronic score.   I've recently begun falling in love with the Harry Potter scores, especially BuckBeaks flight on Prisoner of Azakaban.   I have been enjoying driving to that a lot. I tend to like a lot of stuff by Steve Jablonsky, especially Ender's Game and the Trasformers' movie scores.  

Q:  What kind of films do you like?

A: Sci-fi, action.  But ya know I'm a sucker for a good scifi or action drama or suspense with a good love story in the back drop.  Yes I cried year ago during Titanic.  I cry during movies yes.  Especially if I relate to the situation or characters.  My favorite Star Wars Soundtgrack is Episode II Attack of the Clones, the first Star Wars movie with a love theme.  And I love romance in the backdrop like Empire Strikes Backa and Return of the Jedi with Han and Leia.  One of my favorite shows ever has been the newer Battle Star Galactica.  It was scifi with heart and passion.  And the music by Bear McCreary was freaking Amazing against the amazing imagery and sequences sometimes.  I held my breath more than once.  Believe it or not there are many movies I have not seen I've listened to soundtracks for.  I just completed the first film in a long popular series of films for the first time ever, the Harry Potter series.  And there's like 8 of these OMG.Haha it's fun though. So far I've seen the first 3 and they just keep getting better.  Wen I saw Prisoner of Azkaban I was like OMG this is fricking awesome.  I was so taken back but BuckBeaks' flight. I was like wow I wanna do that.  The combination of music and cinematograpy was amazing.  The creepines of it all was briliant.   So much dark imagery and visual metaphors.  I love that stuff.    What made it totally believable and really work was the acting. I feel its more scary cause the actor seems scared.  Last other movies I remember like above are Black Panther, Thor Ragnarok, Solo, Star Wars The Last Jedi. 

Q: What kind of non film music do you like?

A: Trance Techno.  I tune in frequently to Armin Van Buren's State of Trance podcast on iTunes.  Country, though 90's artists.  I don't care for newer stuff much.  Everclear.  Red.   Skillet. Social Distortion.  Katy Perry.  Sam Pugh.  Weezer (I like their cover of Africa by Toto). Enya. Yanni.  Daft Punk, Dead Mau5,  All That Remains.  Music from South America: Salsa, music of the Andes mountains.  Jazz, old and modern easy listening.  Blues: I love Stevie Ray Vaughn to this day.  "Space music" like on shows like Musical StarStreams and more.

Q: What's next?

A:  I need to start hitting up the local film bulletin boards for more projects and more contests.  I'm writing a mock sound track called The Mountain and would like to write a script based on the music.  

Synopsis of The Mountain:  After tragedy struck, Wilson (Will) lost his wife and children in a vicious attack on his Tanazanian farm.  The brutal attack leaves him an amputee and scarred.  Years later on his struggling farm he is faced with the prospect of shutting the farm down.  Urged by his friend to find his path in life again he sets out on a quest to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  Faceing obstacles along the way he must learn to forgive those who took his family.  With the help of old and new friends he must find the courage to face the mountains within himself and before him. 

I wanna also start my scifi movie idea I've had a long time as well. Jah'El of Jofah.   I would like it to be a trilogy.  The first "Shadows of Death", then "Savior of Worlds" and lastly "The Fury of Stars". That too will be a mock soundtrack written with eventual script around the music.  Yeah it's gonna take time. I never finished a script I wrote first.  But I hope in writing the music first I'll be guided better to write a script.

Synopsis of Jah'El of Jofah Triology
Two young Xialoen faith members must make an emergency landing in the Mardok Neblua on a world off limits known as Jofah.  There they discover Jah'El, commander of the black legions who was known as a genocidal war lord.  Knowing his legend and past Jah'El recounts his journey to them.  Known as the Destroyer of Worlds he especially persecuted those of the Xiaolen faith, seeking their extermination.  During a mission, transporting Xiaolen members to a "purging" center in an Ion storm the ship engines fail.  The ship crashes on the world of Zalen, leaving him and one survivor,  Maliah left.  At first afraid of Jah'El, she runs from him.   When Jah'El is wounded in his pursuit she nurses him to health.  Taken back by her Kindness, the two eventally fall in love.  Alone on a world she converts Jah'El to the Xialen faith.   In time due to illness Maliah passes away.   As fate would have it, Xiaolen traders one day arrive seeking precious jaolin ore.   When they meet Jah'El they fear him knowing his past.  However Jah'El demonstrates he is now one of them.  Having earned their trust in time he becomes their general and leads a counter offensive against those he once served in hopes of saving the Xiaolen.  His victories earn him the nick name The Saviour of Worlds.   Though he eventually wins the war, many still do not trust him. Others demand he yet stand trial for his crimes and face death.  The fury of star systems is great in their outrcy against his past crimes.   It eventually leads to civil war.  Realizing the horror of their actions,  the Xialoen compromise and sentence Jah'El to a planet cloaked far inside the Mardok Neblua as Jofah. Old and ready to die, he is comforted by the two Xiaolen members who found him and lay him to rest in the earth of "Jofah", which means solitude.

Q:  What do you do outside of music?

A:  Work a job.  Hang out with friends. I'd rather have a few good loyal friends than a lot that are not.  Though it's hard to find people like that these days.  I have been doing game night with the boys lately on Wednesdays sometimes. I watch  sunsets, take some pics sometimes.  I recently discussed the possibility of a few of us traveling   to the 2019/2020 New Years in Time Square.  I would like to travel more even if its weekend road trips.